Millionaire Housewives

Millionaire Housewives

From Homemakers to Wealth Creators


"Millionaire Housewives tells the stories of twelve enterprising homemakers who, in spite of having no prior experience in business, managed to build successful empires through the single-minded pursuit of their goal, defying all stereotypes. If for Savita Chhabra-vice chairperson of Hygienic Research Institute Pvt. Ltd-entrepreneurship happened on account of unfortunate events striking her hitherto secure world, for Ambika Pillai-one of the most well-known names in the world of hair and beauty today-it was the need to be financially independent that led her down this path. For others like Indian celebrity chef Nita Mehta, entrepreneurship was the result of a niggling sense of wanting to do something beyond her traditional role as a homemaker. Amidst their varied motivations and struggles, Millionaire Housewives offers valuable lessons for homemakers who want to venture into entrepreneurship."


216 Pages | ISBN13 9780143429296
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Rinku Paul
Rinku Paul

Rinku Paul is an internationally certified life coach and a proponent of
women leadership and an inclusive work environment, and has brought
together her love for entrepreneurship and writing in her published
works. Her previous books-Dare to Be: Fourteen Women Who Gave
Wings to Their Dreams and Millionaire Housewives-were released
to acclaim. Her passion project is 'Dare to Be Conversations'-a
podcast series and a platform for women to be a part of stirring stories
and breakthrough ideas.
In her previous avatar, Rinku has had a corporate career spanning
over sixteen years with the news channel Aaj Tak, a part of the India
Today Group, till she decided to pursue her dream-impacting
people's lives.
Rinku lives in New Delhi with her husband and daughter.

Puja Singhal, having spent more than a decade living the corporate
life, strategizing on how best to marry business and people as an HR
specialist, decided to take a break to focus on her family and other
love, writing. Having co-founded a writing studio, The Muse, and
published two books, Dare to Be and Millionaire Housewives, along
with Rinku Paul, she is now back to juggling corporate responsibilities
along with family duties and, of course, writing.
Puja holds an honours degree in political science and an MBA in
human resource management.

Puja Singhal
Puja Singhal
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