Puzzlemania: Favorite Puzzles For Beginners Vol 4

Puzzlemania: Favorite Puzzles For Beginners Vol 4


"Calling all puzzlers! Challenge yourself with this creative collection of our most beloved puzzles. Wind your way through mesmerizing mazes, spot the differences between two deceptively similar scenes, stretch your brain with thinking challenges and logic puzzles, and more! Which puzzle will be your favorite?"


48 Pages | ISBN13 9780143429463
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Garry Cleveland Myers & Caroline Clark Myers
Garry Cleveland Myers & Caroline Clark Myers
"In 1946, Garry Cleveland Myers and Caroline Clark Myers created Highlights™, a monthly magazine for children of ages six to twelve. They filled it with stories, adventures, brainteasers and puzzles. It reflected the Myerses' philosophy that children become their 'best selves' by using their creativity and imagination, developing their reading, thinking and reasoning skills and learning to treat others with respect, kindness and sensitivity. Since then, the Highlights brand has grown to a diverse and inclusive family of products for kids from birth to twelve years of age. Highlights International's is not only reachable on multiple platforms, their products also span the globe, being available in forty countries and in 16 languages."
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