Secrets of Amber

Secrets of Amber

Come Walk With Me In My Beloved Amber


Secrets of Amber is a voyage of discovery to Amber, the royal walled city of Rajasthan, through twelve walks in and around the heritage heart of the town. Away from the unusual crowded tourist trail, delight in the magical dialogue with the landscape and the living heritage while scaling a soaring battlement wall, strolling through a medieval lane or exploring the wooded royal hunting grounds. This intimate visual anthem to one of India's greatest historical landscapes will lead you to unearth an unprecedented treasure trove of delights and vistas.


172 Pages | ISBN13 9780670093168
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Rashmi Dickinson
Rashmi Dickinson
Rashmi Dickinson is committed to making a difference in her beloved Amber, a place she has called home for twenty years. Daughter of a freedom fighter who became a UN development expert, she was brought up all around the world. When she's not walking with her camera, she's planting trees (60,000 and counting), touring government schools she has adopted or fighting for Amber and its heritage.
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