50 Ways To Improve Your Professional Life


From the bestselling author of Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life This time Ankit Fadia expands his expertise beyond computers and digital devices. He gives away technology tips and general advice on how you can enhance your professional life. This book includes applications that help plan your day, communicate effectively and manage finances. • Does your resume have trouble getting noticed? • What’s the most effective way to do your homework on people before you meet them?• How can an app help you get more out of conferences?• Can de-cluttering your Inbox really save you a lot of time?• How to get more work done on flights?• Should you hire a public relations firm?Social puts you on the path that takes you being an employee to creating your own personal brand.


264 Pages | ISBN13 9780143419716
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Ankit Fadia
Ankit Fadia
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