The Invisible Man of the Underworld


Sufi is the story of two boys who grew up in Dongri, Mumbai.
One of them, Iqbal Rupani, aided and abetted by a corrupt policeman, is drawn towards criminal activities in his teens. As he becomes powerful and influential as a racketeer and smuggler, he creates a puritan code of conduct for himself: no drinking, no smoking and no murders. He comes to be known as 'Sufi' because of his principles and philosophical manner of speaking.
The other boy, Aabid Surti, grows up to become a famous author.
How did the lives of these two boys, which began on such a similar note, diverge so drastically? This book presents an astonishing real-life story, with the sweep and scale of Kane and Abel, told by one of India's most beloved storytellers.


512 Pages | ISBN13 9780143443186
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Aabid Surti
Aabid Surti
Born in Gujarat in 1935, Aabid Surti is the author of over eighty books spanning across categories like fiction, poetry, theatre, reportage and comics. He is the co-creator of Bahadur, India's first comic book superhero. His environmental activism has led him to be called a 'one-man NGO', especially when it comes to water conservation. Surti lives in Mumbai.
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