The Modern Monk

The Modern Monk


" He loved French cookbooks, invented a new way of making khichdi, was interested in the engineering behind ship-building and the technology that makes ammunition. More than 100 years after his death, do we really know or understand the bewildering, fascinating, complex man Swami Vivekananda was? Vivekananda is one of the most important figures in the modern imagination of India. He is also an utterly modern man, consistently challenging his own views, and embracing diverse, even conflicting arguments. It is his modernity that appeals to us today. He is unlike any monk we have known. He is confined neither by history nor by ritual, and is constantly questioning everything around him, including himself. It is in Vivekananda’s contradictions, his doubts, his fears and his failings that he recognise his profoundly compelling divinity—he teaches us that to try and understand God, first one must truly comprehend one’s own self. This book is an argument that it is not just because he is close to God but also because he is so tantalisingly immersed in being human that keeps us returning to Vivekananda and his immortal wisdom. "


304 Pages | ISBN13 9780143426646
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Hindol Sengupta
Hindol Sengupta
Hindol Sengupta is the Editor-at-Large at Fortune India, the Indian edition of Fortune magazine. He is the author of Recasting India and The Liberals, which received praise from globally renowned economists and public policy experts. Sengupta is also the founder of India's only open government non-profit, the Whypoll Trust. He has worked as a political interviewer on Bloomberg TV and as an anchor and reporter with the Indian editions of CNBC and CNN. Online ideas platform IdeaMensch included him on its list of 33 global social entrepreneurs who make the world a better place.
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