The Mughal World

The Mughal World

The Life in India's Last Golden Age


‘It is hard to imagine anyone succeeding more gracefully in producing a balanced overview than Abraham Eraly’ —William Dalrymple, Sunday Times, LondonIn The Mughal PBI - World Abraham Eraly continues his fascinating chronicle of the grand saga of the Mughal Empire. In Emperors of the Peacock Throne he gave us the story of the lives and achievements of the great Mughal emperors; in this book, he looks beyond the momentous historical events to portray, in precise and vivid detail, the agony and ecstasy of life in Mughal PBI - India.Combining scholarly objectivity with artful storytelling the author presents a lively panorama of the Mughal PBI - World—emperors and nobles at work and play; harem life; the profligacy and extravagance of the ruling class juxtaposed with the stark wretchedness of the common people.Meticulously researched and lucidly narrated The Mughal PBI - World offers rare insights into the state of the empire’s economy, religious policies, the Mughal army and its tactics, and the glories of Mughal art, architecture, literature and music.


440 Pages | ISBN13 9780143102625
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Eraly, Abraham
Eraly, Abraham
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