The Radical in Ambedkar

The Radical in Ambedkar

Critical Reflections


This landmark volume, edited and introduced by Anand Teltumbde and Suraj Yengde, establishes B.R. Ambedkar as the most powerful advocate of equality and fraternity in modern India. While the vibrant Dalit movement recognizes Ambedkar as an agent for social change, the intellectual class has celebrated him as the key architect of the Indian Constitution and the political establishment has sought to limit his concerns to the question of reservations. This remarkable volume seeks to unpack the radical in Ambedkar's legacy by examining his life work from hitherto unexplored perspectives.
Although revered by millions today primarily as a Dalit icon, Ambedkar was a serious scholar of India's history, society and foreign policy. He was also among the first dedicated human rights lawyers, as well as a journalist and a statesman. Critically evaluating his thought and work, the essays in this book-by Jean Drèze, Partha Chatterjee, Sukhadeo Thorat, Manu Bhagavan, Anupama Rao and other internationally renowned names-discuss Ambedkar's theory on minority rights, the consequences of the mass conversion of Dalits to Buddhism, Dalit oppression in the context of racism and anti-Semitism, and the value of his thought for Marxism and feminism, among other global concerns.
An extraordinary collection of immense breadth and scholarship that challenges the popular understanding of Ambedkar, The Radical in Ambedkar is essential reading for all those who wish to imagine a new future.


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Anand Teltumbde
Anand Teltumbde
Anand Teltumbde is a leading public intellectual and civil rights activist. He is currently general secretary of the Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights and is associated with the All India Forum for Rights to Education as a member of its presidium. Teltumbde is a regular contributor to Economic and Political Weekly, where he writes a monthly column titled 'Margin Speak'. He regularly contributes to progressive journals like Mainstream, Frontier, Seminar and most leading English and Marathi newspapers. Among his significant books are The Republic of Caste (2018), Dalits: Past, Present and Future (2016), Mahad: The Making of the First Dalit Revolt (2016), The Persistence of Caste (2010), Khairlanji: A Strange and Bitter Crop (2008), Anti-Imperialism and Annihilation of Castes(2005), and Hindutva and Dalits: Perspectives for Understanding Communal Praxis (ed., 2005). An engineer with management qualifications from India's top institutes, Teltumbde has been the CEO of a holding company. He currently teaches in a business school of IIT, Kharagpur.
Suraj Yengde
Suraj Yengde
Suraj Yengde is a Shorenstein Center inaugural post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. He has worked with leading international organizations in Geneva, London and New York, and is associate editor of Caste: A Global Journal of Social Exclusion. His writings have featured in India Today, the Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Economic and Political Weekly, Huffington Post, the Conversation, Globe Post, Mail and Guardian, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, and Social Transformations, among other leading publications.
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