The Tell

The Tell

Tale Brain-Unlocking the Mystry of Human Nature


The brain remains a mystery to us. How can a three-pound mass of jelly that can fit in our palm imagine angels, contemplate the meaning of infinity, and even question its own place in the cosmos? Renowned neuroscientist Prof. V.S. Ramachandran takes us on a fascinating journey into the human brain by studying patients who exhibit bizarre symptoms and using them to understand the functions of a normal brain. Along the way he asks big questions: How did abstract thinking evolve? What is art? Why do we laugh? How are these hardwired into the neural mechanisms of the human brain, and why did they evolve? Brilliant, lucid, and utterly compelling, The Tell-Tale Brain is a path-breaking book from one of the leading neuroscientists.


538 Pages | ISBN13 9788184002072
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V S  Ramachandran
V S Ramachandran
V.S. Ramachandran is the Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition, Professor in the Psychology Department and Neurosciences Programme at the University of California, San Diego, and Adjunct Professor of Biology at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. He has also been elected to fellowships at All Souls College, Oxford, and the Royal Institution, London (which also awarded him the Henry Dale Medal), and has received the Padma Bhushan. Newsweek named him a member of 'The Century Club', and one of the 'one hundred most prominent people to watch' in the twenty-first century.
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