The Unreasonable Fellows

The Unreasonable Fellows


To achieve what you want to, to do what you truly believe in, you’ve got to be unreasonable!How many of us dream about changing the world when we grow up? How many of us actually have the courage to take the path less trodden? The Unreasonable Fellows chronicles the journeys of ten social and environmental entrepreneurs who, with their go-getting attitude and passionate ventures, are doing their bit to make the world a better place. It is an inspiring account of how, despite the initial setbacks, these fiery men and women refused to give up. Instead, they learnt from each of their failures and turned it into success. This book teaches you to do the same and to never ever give up!


240 Pages | ISBN13 9780143422211
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Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh is the bestselling author of ten novels, including The Promise, After All ThisTime and Love @ Facebook. She has co-authored two books with Durjoy Dutta, titled If It's Not Forever . . . and Someone Like You. She has also contributed to the books in the Backbenchers series. Nikita's most recent novel, Every Time It Rains, was an instant bestseller. She was born in Patna and grew up in Indore, from where she graduated in pharmacy. Nikita worked as an editor at Grapevine India for three years and as a publishing manager at Wisdom Tree before relocating to New York, where she got her master of fine arts (in creative writing-fiction) at the New School. She received the India Young Achiever's Award in 2013 and has delivered TEDx talks at IIM-Calcutta, IIM-Indore, IIT Delhi, BITS Pilani and many other esteemed institutes. With a library stocked with over 12,000 books, she is a voracious reader and adores her collection of fantasy novels. She is currently based in New York.
Myshkin Ingawala
Myshkin Ingawala
Myshkin Ingawale is the CEO and co - founder of Biosense Technologies, an award- winning health - care start - up focusing on point -of - care non- invasive diagonstics. His work has been featured on TED, BBC, CNN and other notable international media. In the past, he has worked at Mckinsey & company and been a researcher at MIT's Senseable City Lab. He holds an FPM ( the Fellow Programme in Management,equivalent to PhD) in Management Information Systems from IIM Calcutta and a BTech in electrical engineering from NIT Bhopal. He remains a passionate but somewhat deluded Liverpool Football Club fan. He is also easily tempted anything by wheels.
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