Unleashing Nepal

Unleashing Nepal


Unleashing Nepal tells the story of Nepal’s changing economy, from the time of unification to a remittance economy driven by the labour of Nepal’s diaspora. Acclaimed columnist and business leader Sujeev Shakya examines not only the squandered opportunities of the past but also what Nepali citizens need to do to escape from a feudal history of dependence and powerlessness. Here is a Nepal that could be an Asian Tiger. Here are resourceful village communities who manage their own electricity, aspirational Nepali youth, energetic migrant workers, and driven foreign-aid workers, who can make this dream a reality. Compelling and eminently readable, this updated and enriched version brings the country alive with its acute business understanding, humour and local colour.


320 Pages | ISBN13 9780143421092
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Sujeev Shakya
Sujeev Shakya

SUJEEV SHAKYA is a thought leader who traverses many worlds. He earned the title of Nepal's CEO, 'chief eternal optimist', for the optimism he projected in his book, Unleashing Nepal (2009). He writes and speaks extensively on business, development, economy and leadership. In 2008, after spending two decades in one of Nepal's leading business groups, he founded Beed Management, an international management consulting and advisory firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is also founder and chair of the Nepal Economic Forum.
A chartered accountant, he has a diploma in international marketing from Boston University and a certification in coaching from Columbia University. He was awarded the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship by the US State Department in 2002. He writes a regular column for the Kathmandu Post and his world can be viewed through www.sujeevshakya.com.

Gurcharan Das
Gurcharan Das
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