What Did I Ever See in Him?

What Did I Ever See in Him?

The Modern Women's Guide to a Perfect Love Life


Women grow up on fairy tales and weave their love and life stories around Prince Charmings; passionate love and languorous kisses ending in happily-ever-afters. But nothing prepares them for the real world; the disillusionment and complications of modern-day relationships.When Amrita Sharma finds more and more women friends sharing their relationship secrets with her-their fears and deepest insecurities; their petty squabbles and extra-marital affairs-she realizes that their problems are vast and varied. And; more often than not; the women are to be blamed: When in love; even strong-willed; independent women become emotional fools.Candid; wise and brutally honest-from telling us how to read the early signs of a failing relationship to friendly tips on finding the right guy-What Did I Ever See in Him is the modern woman's guide to having the perfect love life.


200 Pages | ISBN13 9780143414599
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Amrita   Sharma
Amrita Sharma
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