Your Happiness was Hacked

Your Happiness was Hacked


We've become a tribe of tech addicts, and it's not entirely our fault.
Taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the human brain function, tech companies entice us to overdose on technology interaction. This damages our lives, work, families and friendships. Swipe-driven apps train us to evaluate people like products, diminishing our relationships. At work, we email on an average of seventy-seven times a day, ruining our concentration. At home, light from our screens contributes to epidemic sleep deprivation.
But we can reclaim our lives without dismissing technology. The authors explain how to avoid getting hooked on tech and how to define and control the roles that it plays and could play in our lives. This profound and timely book turns personal observation into a handy guide to adapting to our new reality of omnipresent technology.


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Alex Salkever
Alex Salkever

Vivek Wadhwa is a distinguished fellow at Harvard Law School's Labor and Worklife
Program, a professor at Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering, and a globally
syndicated columnist for the Washington Post.

Alex Salkever is a technology leader and author. He has been a chief marketing officer,
a Businessweek editor, a visiting researcher at Duke University, and a senior executive at
leading technology companies. He pens columns regularly for Fortune and consults
for numerous technology companies.

Vivek Wadhwa
Vivek Wadhwa
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