Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta


The only man ever to direct two major orchestras in North America at once, Zubin Mehta is a true maestro. A musical prodigy who appeared on the cover of Time magazine at the age of thirty-one, Zubin Mehta looks back at his illustrious life as a conductor, drawing links with the symphony in music and life. The book follows his relationship with Western classical music, his training and his refinement of the art. Weaving in and out of the narrative are anecdotes and the memories of his younger brother, Zarin, one of the best music administrators in the world today, and his son, Mervon. If you love music, this legend’s story is sure to hit the right notes.


536 Pages | ISBN13 9780143428954
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Bakhtiar Dadabhoy
Bakhtiar Dadabhoy
"Bakhtiar K. Dadabhoy is a civil servant based in Mumbai. He was educated at Hindu College, Delhi University, and at the Delhi School of Economics. He is the author of five books including the best-selling Jeh: A Life of JRD Tata and Sugar in Milk: Lives of Eminent Parsis. Dadabhoy also contributes articles to newspapers and magazines. He did a daily column ‘This Day in History’ for the Hindustan Times and HT Next for five years. His other interests include painting and quizzing. He was on BBC’s Mastermind India in 2000."
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