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How The English Left India


"The last viceroy had enormous charm, style and a capacity for hard work, and was wholly committed to success. Did that make him a great man?' Lord Mountbatten was appointed to oversee the transition of British India to Independence, which was to happen no later than 30 June 1948. With unbridled ambition and the desire to have the British leave India smoothly, his appointment and his decisions bring up many questions. Read on to know more about what led to Mountbatten becoming India's last Viceroy, and his intentions as he worked towards securing a safe exit for the British from India."


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Walter Reid
Walter Reid
Walter Reid studied at the universities of Oxford and Edinburgh. He has written a number of acclaimed books on military and political history, and has a particular interest in British imperial policy in the twentieth century. His books include Churchill: Under Friendly Fire, Empire of Sand: How Britain Made the Middle East and most recently Five Days from Defeat: How Britain Nearly Lost the First World War. He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
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