Ranjit’s Wife
Penguin Petit

Ranjit’s Wife

(Penguin Petit)


"""For me there is no more pleasure in the world than to please you."" After ten years of living together and having been married, Lila's husband had just asked her for a divorce. Although Lila remembers all her wedding vows as if she took them that morning, nobody had trained her about how to react in a situation like this. Unusual situations warrant unconventional solutions and it looks like Lila has hit upon one. The only question is, will it work? No one can combine the complexities of human emotions with the subtlety of short fiction quite like Nergis Dalal and Ranjit's Wife is amusing, tender, and simply sublime."


| ISBN13 9789387625976
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Nergis Dalal
Nergis Dalal
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