Roses, Roses, All The Way…
Penguin Petit

Roses, Roses, All The Way…

(Penguin Petit)


"""It had been an altogether peculiar morning. I may as well see it through."" Although the morning had started off queitly in the garden, among rose bushes and the newest blossoms, the arrival of a strange, old lady from the nearby ashram had sent it all in a tizzy. Before anyone could register what was going on, the narrator had found himself in the ashram, while the old lady clutched on to a big bouquet of roses from his garden. He had never quite believed in the trappings of an ashram or any institution led by dubious men in saffron robes but could this ashram really be that different? We often tend to ignore what our own mind and our own body is telling us, instead getting swept within the massive wave of societal beliefs. In Roses, Roses, All The Way..., Nergis Dalal cleverly explores this aspect of human behaviour in a relatable, entertaining and a funny manner."


| ISBN13 9789387625952
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Nergis Dalal
Nergis Dalal
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