The French Wife
Penguin Petit

The French Wife

(Penguin Petit)


"When Mrs Kapoor suddenly died, everyone was frightened and disturbed. One minute she was alive, cooking up some delectable dish or other in the kitchen, and the next, she had collapsed from a stroke. Of course, the Mehras, the Singhs and the Sharmas were immediately there for Mr Kapoor. Since the Kapoors didn't have any children, their friends made sure Mr Kapoor was taken care of. Until the day Mr Kapoor suddenly disappeared without a word. Everyone had their own theory about Mr Kapoor: maybe he needed to be around family; maybe he needed to get out of town; maybe he just needed time. But then, a month later, Mr Kapoor returned with a new—and French!—wife and none of his friends knew how to react. How one reacts to unexpected situations usually tells a lot about a person's character. The French Wife by Nergis Dalal is an interesting perspective on human behaviour and why we do the things that we do."


| ISBN13 9789387625815
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Nergis Dalal
Nergis Dalal
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