The Intruder
Penguin Petit

The Intruder

(Penguin Petit)


"Everyone was astonished when Mr Vale had married again. The new Mrs Vale was pink and healthy, with a square, firm figure, and a face that always wore an expression of determined good humour, but she was nothing like the old Mrs Vale. The old Mrs Vale was all over the house—in the study, in the living room, on the walls and even in the curtains. She may have died but she had never left. The new Mrs Vale loved Mr Vale—there were no doubts about that, but could she live in a house that still kept another, almost rival love, alive? Engaging, thrilling, and a little twisted, The Intruder is a peculiar little horror story from the master of powerful short fiction: Nergis Dalal. Read on."


| ISBN13 9789387625860
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Nergis Dalal
Nergis Dalal
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