The Sacrifice
Penguin Petit

The Sacrifice

(Penguin Petit)


"Mr. Triana had seen the lush pastures, the green hills, the sloping tea estates. He had inspected ruins and temples and the newly-constructed dams. He was here to see India and he was determined to see every bit of it—including the famine areas with its starved women and children with rickety limbs and swollen bellies. After all, only pictures of the 'real' India could be published in newspapers when he got back. Pritam Singh, his driver and guide, had led the small party through many local wonders, until they arrived among a cluster of villages near an old fort. Although the area had always had a murky history in terms of their rituals and beliefs, no one, including Pritam Singh or the naive Mr. Triana could have predicted the horrific events that were about to unfold. Writing about dark themes in a literary, almost lyrical manner is a rare talent, but one that Nergis Dalal posesses in abundance. The Sacrifice is an exploration of some of the most darkest aspects of human behaviour written in Dalal's classic, compelling style."


| ISBN13 9789387625921
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Nergis Dalal
Nergis Dalal
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