Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop


Arising from visits to sweet shops in the by-lanes of Calcutta, these poems brim with the excitement of what it means to discover, marvel at, and taste the universe. As the first line of the book states, 'The whole universe is here'. Showcasing the edible, the intimate, and the singular, this collection, like the sweet-shop shelf, is characterized by 'an unnoticed balance of gravity and play'.

'Chaudhuri's experiments in poetic alchemy turn sweet nothings into ontological reflections. These odes to the pleasures of faltu-the unnecessary - are pungent, chewy, and succulent.' -Charles Bernstein

'The lexical vitality, magically achieved through words which are mostly new to us, is a perfect lyrical representation of the sweetness and elegiac bitterness of life.' -Bernard O'Donoghue


128 Pages | ISBN13 9780670091867
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Amit   Chaudhuri
Amit Chaudhuri
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