India's Sporting Transformation


Bright-eyed aspirants in sports-from badminton to gymnastics-are training across the country. Homegrown leagues are attracting the world's best athletes and professionals. The country boasts multiple World No. 1 teams and athletes, and sporting achievements are handsomely rewarded.

Much of this was simply unthinkable at the turn of the millennium. Today, there is no longer a doubt that an Indian can excel at sports. A country is changing the way it looks at sport and, along the way, how it looks at itself.

Go! features a never-before-seen collection of essays by leading athletes, sports writers and professionals, who together tell a compelling story of India's ongoing sporting transformation.


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Aparna Ravichandran
Aparna Ravichandran

Aparna Ravichandran's happiest childhood memories are of the many freezing mornings and white-hot summer afternoons she spent in Jaipur, Rajasthan, training in taekwondo and honing herself into a state of near-superhuman fitness. A few years later, though, having acquired a degree in language from Fergusson College, Pune, she found herself dabbling in language services at Robert Bosch India Limited. She then rediscovered the joy of playing and watching sport during her master's year at Loughborough University, UK. Aparna joined GoSports Foundation in 2015, in the ardent hope that her work would help to retain talented Indian athletes in the system, help them go on to unlock their full sporting potential and inspire others to follow in their wake. She fills her spare time with some slow running, bursts of angry writing and largely uninspired cooking.

Nandan Kamath
Nandan Kamath

Nandan Kamath loves sport and passionately believes in its power to transform individuals, communities, nations, even the entire world. While not caught up in his lofty dreams and random thoughts, he spends his time as a Bangalore-based lawyer working with athletes, teams, federations and businesses. He is also managing trustee of GoSports Foundation, a non-profit he co-founded in 2008. Nandan is a graduate of the National Law School of India University, the University of Oxford and Harvard Law School and was a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. He was a national-level junior cricketer and remains most proud of his fielding exploits in the slips.

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