A Bagful of History

A Bagful of History


Let's take a walk through history
And as you travel back in time . . .
~ Dine with Mughal princess Jahanara Begum
~ Have a jugalbandi with Miyan Tansen
~ Compete with the nawabs of Chandni Chowk in a kite-flying duel
~ Be a part of Raja Ram Mohan Roy's fight for the education of the girl child
~ Revolt with Indian sepoys in the Mutiny of 1857
. . . and witness many more exciting events!
Peppered with stunning illustrations and unusual trivia, this is a fascinating read about the unforgettable events and people from Indian history.


176 Pages | ISBN13 9780143442240
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Subhadra Sen Gupta
Subhadra Sen Gupta

Subhadra Sen Gupta has written over forty books for children because she thinks they are the best readers in the world. She writes on history; imagines mystery, ghost and adventure stories; and dreams up comic books. She is waiting for one of her young readers to build a time machine so that she can exchange some funny stories with Birbal and then join Emperor Akbar for a royal lunch.
If you have any questions, complaints, crazy ideas or comments, write to her at subhadrasg@gmail.com.

Tapas Guha
Tapas Guha
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