Aao Apne Antriksh Ko Jane

Aao Apne Antriksh Ko Jane


Space is called Space, but the word 'space' is more accurate than space. According to today's idea, it is a matter of fact, the expansion that extends far and wide over the Earth's atmosphere, which is always present. In this small book how airplane in space, how the Earth's message, the first satellite, the reaching human, how to start the journey, problems in space, how the food will fly, the language of the inhabitants of the planets, Specific information, like the search for life, has been given.


64 Pages | ISBN13 9789353491529
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Rajendra Kumar Rajiv
Rajendra Kumar Rajiv
Rajendra Kumar Rajiv is a child literary He has written dozens of books for children and you are also busy in other works of child welfare.
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