The Adventures Of Shrilok Homeless

The Adventures Of Shrilok Homeless


Meet Mumbai's greatest teen detective
No case is bizarre enough for detective Shrilok, a chaiwala with a penchant for deduction, disguises and drama, and his partner in crime, Rohan Doctor. Be it a hand turning up in a steel lunchbox, a stolen rose diamond reappearing in a vada pav, a selfie-scandal in Bollywood, the Red Signal League of blind beggars or the dogs of Bhaskarville disappearing into the fog, the duo is sure to nab the suspects.
They crack ten thrilling cases, no problem, but will Shrilok be a match for his nemesis, Masterji, in his ultimate encounter?


208 Pages | ISBN13 9780143441113
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Pika Nani
Pika Nani
Pika Nani was what Deepika Murthy called herself as a child. She wanted to become a writer and realized this dream with her first book, Little Indians: Stories from across the country (2013). When she is not writing, she can be found talking about writing to children in various schools. She grew up in Mumbai and now lives in Bengaluru with her family. When on a break, you will find her travelling or curled up with a good book--most likely a mystery.
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