Begam Ka Takiya

Begam Ka Takiya


This novel is extraordinary in its ability to reflect the daily lives and dialect of the royal merchants of a village very closely. It is the story of two brothers who lose their integrity because of being caught in a web of wealth and women.


130 Pages | ISBN13 9789353492151
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Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician and founder of Super 30. People Magazine heralded him as 'People's Hero'.

Dr Biju Mathew, FRCPC, is a consultant psychiatrist and a clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia. After completing a medical degree in India, he obtained his postgraduate training in the United Kingdom before settling down in Canada to pursue his career. He is a teacher and researcher, and has been involved in the care of the mentally ill through his professional career. He is an avid advocate for the underprivileged and those marginalized in society, including the homeless and the stigmatized. His activism and work in multiculturalism is well recognized. He continues to provide leadership roles for his profession and works tirelessly for charitable causes. His work resonates well with the work of Mr Anand Kumar of Super 30, which led to Dr Mathew's authorship of Mr Kumar's biography. Dr Mathew resides with his wife, Grace, in Maple Ridge, a beautiful suburb of Vancouver. He wishes to thank the members of his family, including his sons, Nick and Richie, and their spouses, Preetpal and Charmaine, sister, Jolly, and her husband, Vijay, for their support; and his grandson, Emery, who provides him with unlimited happiness. He enjoys playing squash and expresses himself through oil paintings.

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