Business is not one-size-fits-all-find out what type of business is suitable for you according to your ruling planet.
Discover how your relationships with your spouse, your children, friends and parents will fare, what your fortune, income and expenditure, career, family, travel and business situations are likely to look like in the New Year, what the most auspicious dates to host important events are, the best time to buy a vehicle, etc.


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Suresh Shrimali
Suresh Shrimali
Suresh Shrimali was born and trained in the art of astrology in a family of astrologers, to Bhishma Pitamaha Pundit Radha Krishna Shrimali. From the very beginning, he was exposed to an environment favorable for gaining spiritual and astrological knowledge, in the form of his family legacy. Suresh Shrimali is currently dedicated to the cause of remedying people's pain and suffering through his astrological and spiritual wisdom. He is a well-known TV personality with followers from around the world. He has written many books on spirituality, astrology, Vaastu, Feng-Shui and Astrology-Vastu.
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