On a night when the moon shone and the little specks of light danced on the ceiling, Ani lay awake. 'It's dark,' he said.
Everything has turned dark in Ani's life. Dobby, Nani, friends - he has them all by his side. But he pulls away from them.
Will Ani ever find his way out of the darkness?


36 Pages | ISBN13 9780143449959
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Tanu Shree Singh
Tanu Shree Singh

Tanu Shree Singh is an Assistant Professor in Psychology. She completed her studies in Positive Psychology, a relatively new and promising branch of psychology devoted to cultivating contented, happy, fulfilling lives. She extensively writes on issues related to parenting and has been published in leading online dailies and communities. Her approach to parenting, rooted in her academic background, draws heavily from her experiences as a parent and a mentor.
Her passion for reading and getting more children to read led her to set up two libraries in Faridabad and Tirthan Valley. She also supports 13 other libraries in Himachal. She is the author of Keep Calm and Mommy On, DK Indian Icons: CV Raman and has contributed to the anthologies Flipped and I'd rather read.

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