Dilli Ooncha Sunti Hai

Dilli Ooncha Sunti Hai


This play gives the narrative of social concerns a vivid as well as interesting form that keep audience engaged. The objective of this play is to investigate the relationship between the problems we face as human beings and our relationships. Despite their outward humour, these portraitures are both human and sensitive.


104 Pages | ISBN13 9789353493066
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Kusum Kumar
Kusum Kumar
Kusum Kumar was born on 5 August 1939. She was always actively involved with the theatre, and so, writing for the stage was a natural career progression for her. She has received many awards and has written many excellent plays, in addition to this book. Suno Shefali, Rawan leela, Sanskar Ko Namaskaar, Om kranti kranti are her best-known plays and Trishankit is her collection of satirical writings. Hindi Natya Chintan is a discussion of the principles of Hindi drama.
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