How to Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia

How to Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia


Cast in the mould of a self-help guide to getting rich, this is the extraordinary story of a young boy, born into a poor family. As the years pass, he moves to a slum in the city, gets a brief education, flirts with militancy, and then, hungry for advancement, sets up a bottled water business, the ultimate symbol of the modern South Asian city-a place where nothing works but everything can be had at a price. But as he leaves his past behind, one thing remains
constant and true-his love for the girl he met as a teenager.


240 Pages | ISBN13 9780143422747
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Mohsin Hamid
Mohsin Hamid
Mohsin Hamid writes regularly for The New York Times, the Guardian and the New York Review of Books, and is the author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Moth Smoke, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia and Discontent and its Civilisations. Born and mostly raised in Lahore, he has since lived between Lahore, London and New York. His next novel, Exit West, will be published by Hamish Hamilton in spring 2017.
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