God Particle Ka Rahasya

God Particle Ka Rahasya


We have reached 99.999997% closer to 'God'. The discovery of the 'God Particle' has brought us closer than ever to discovering the truth about God himself-the particle that explores the mysteries of the universe, the particle that can reveal the mysteries of the universe. A great scientific achievement, the discovery of the particle means the discovery of infinite potential. Humans have finally discovered the particle of the universe from which everything began. It was this particle from which everything in our universe came to be after the Big Bang. Scientists across the world have laboured endlessly for 48 years to find this God particle


152 Pages | ISBN13 9789353492656
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Vipul Vinod and Naman Voinod
Vipul Vinod and Naman Voinod
Vipul Vinod is a young writer who writes on subjects of contemporary relevance. Many of his books are on the market and have been enjoyed by readers. Co-writer Naman Vinod is also a young writer of many books. Together, they have received many awards.
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