How to be Human: Life lessons from Buddy Hirani

How to be Human: Life lessons from Buddy Hirani


Manjeet Hirani was adamant that a dog would never enter her house, but that was before little Buddy arrived at her doorstep.

One day, the doorbell rang. Her husband, Rajkumar Hirani, who had just finished shooting for the film PK, had sent a parcel for their son. It was an adorable puppy, one that had played the role of a depressed dog in the movie. It wasn't long before Manjeet grew to love Buddy.

In this book, she writes about attachment, parenting, and karma, among other things. She shows how having a dog in the house can alter your perspective and change the way you experience life.

How to Be Human is a charming and heart-warming book that, with its light touch, will make you look at life from a less cynical standpoint.


156 Pages | ISBN13 9780670089154
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Manjeet Hirani
Manjeet Hirani
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