Mr And Mrs Jinnah

Mr And Mrs Jinnah

The Marriage That Shook India


When Ruttie Petit fled from her father's castle to wed Mohammed Ali Jinnah in 1918, their marriage outraged society at large. They were divided by community, religion and an age gap of twenty-four years. Well-known journalist Sheela Reddy uses never-before-seen personal letters and papers as well as accounts left by contemporaries and friends to portray this unusual relationship with a sympathetic, discerning eye. A product of intensive and meticulous research in Delhi, Bombay and Karachi, Reddy not only brings the solitary, misunderstood Jinnah and the lonely, wistful Ruttie to life, but also the society and politics of the times their story was set in. A must-read for all those interested in politics, history, and the power of an unforgettable love story.


432 Pages | ISBN13 9780143448693
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Reddy, Sheela
Reddy, Sheela

Sheela Reddy has written extensively for leading Indian newspapers and journals during her thirty-five years in journalism. In her last job as books editor of the newsmagazine Outlook, she wrote on diverse subjects, including politics, history, culture, literature, biographical sketches and interviews with significant men and women of the subcontinent and beyond, and change makers everywhere. Her writing has also appeared in literary magazines and in several anthologies.
Mr and Mrs Jinnah is her second book. Her first was a compilation of essays and profiles by Khushwant Singh, Why I Supported the Emergency. She lives in Delhi.

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