Night of the Restless Spirits

Night of the Restless Spirits

Stories from 1984


A young Indian in the USA embraces a cause rooted in his motherland, but one that he doesn't fully understand. A student's world is turned upside down when his friend and her family are caught in the cross hairs of volatility and violence. A train burns as it enters Delhi, and the sole Sikh survivor shares with the nation the harrowing tale of his survival . . .

These and many other stories form this heart-rending collection that evokes the horrors and uncertainties of 1984, through the tales of ordinary people caught in something bigger than themselves. Set during a time of monumental upheaval, Night of the Restless Spirits blurs the lines between the personal and political, and takes the reader on a journey fraught with love and tinged with tragedy, frayed relationships, the breaking down of humanity and resilience in the face of absolute despair. These stories tell us that people are capable of the best and the worst, but that ultimately there is always hope.


288 Pages | ISBN13 9780670093748
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Sarbpreet Singh
Sarbpreet Singh

SARBPREET SINGH is a writer, podcaster and commentator. He is also the author of the bestselling The Camel Merchant of Philadelphia, and the writer-narrator of the Story of The Sikhs podcast which has listeners in over ninety countries.
You can follow him on Twitter: @sarbpreetsingh.

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