No More Questions

No More Questions

The Final Travels Of U.G. Krishnamurti


The way he lived, his living quarters and his mode of expression were one continuous movement, a three dimensional, living book of teaching.’ Louis Brawley met U.G. Krishnamurti or UG in 2002 and spent the following five years travelling with him in the USA, India and Europe. He soon became the foil to UG’s bizarre interactions with his friends and audience and, as UG’s health deteriorated, his informal caregiver. No More Questions chronicles Louis’s life with this remarkable ‘non-teacher’. As much a story of Louis’s own struggles and shortcomings as that of sage and devoted follower, the book describes how his ideas about life, love and enlightenment were tossed around and demolished by UG. Out of this churning a layered portrait emerges of the man who gave up everything for truth but delighted in ridiculous fabrications; one who mocked do-gooders but was deeply kind, who decried the supernatural, yet strange coincidences happened around him.


392 Pages | ISBN13 9780143417347
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Louis Brawley
Louis Brawley
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