Not Just Grades

Not Just Grades

Schools That Educate Differently


In the race to admit more and more children in privately run, English-medium schools and orient them to a world of cut-throat competition and grades-based performance, the quality of education is suffering. Children, teachers and, of course, educational institutions themselves are constantly struggling to survive in such an atmosphere.
However, while most schools play to the gallery, there are some that have attempted to swim against the current. They aim for the overall development of their students and try to establish a healthy learning environment.
Not Just Grades is about schools that have proved that it is possible to weave positive personal development together with academic excellence. Innovative and full of creative ideas, these schools have a made in difference in imparting education in the absence of extensive resources or capital.


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Rajeev Sharma
Rajeev Sharma
Currently a faculty member at the Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Rajeev Sharma has developed and participated in management development programmes related to colleges and other institutions of higher education. He has coordinated and participated in consulting assignments sponsored by the Swedish International Development Organization, the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom government and the National Literacy Mission of the Government of India. Sharma has a PhD in psychology from Allahabad University, and is a visiting scholar at University of Michigan.
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