Our Story Ends Here

Our Story Ends Here


Terrorists are not born to love
Sarmad, trained as a terrorist to be ruthless, to be fearless, and to take away innocent lives, has caused pain that he can't undo. For years, he has been living without a heart, without a soul, without her.
Mehar, an army general's daughter, decides to go to Swat Valley, the place that holds all her childhood memories, with her college friends.
While Mehar is looking forward to her adventurous trip, Sarmad is working on his upcoming deadly mission.
Unwittingly, their paths cross and they are forced to stay together in the same room for eleven days. Fate brings them together, but destiny has planned something else.
Does their story end here? Or has it just begun?


288 Pages | ISBN13 9780143428176
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Sara Naveed
Sara Naveed
Sara Naveed is the best-selling author of Our Story Ends Here and Undying Affinity. She has a master's degree in banking and finance and works as a content head at a software firm. She lives with her family in Lahore. You can follow Sara on Twitter (@SaraNaveed) and Instagram (@sara_naveed) or get in touch with her through her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/saranaveedwriter).
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