Indian flowers, their myths, traditions and usage


After being forced to take a sabbatical from work because of her chronic breathing troubles, Jhelum Biswas Bose turned to flowers for solace and healing. Her blossoming connection with flowers deepened her understanding of herself and the world around her. Over the years, she has learnt to recognize and respect the soft energies of blooms with the help of healing therapies such as Bach flower remedies and aromatherapy.
Phoolproof is a complimentary bouquet to flowers, especially Indian flowers, and brings to our plain sight their subtle power and meaning. From the book's various whorls, Jhelum teaches us how to gainfully use flowers in living spaces, foods, and beauty and healing treatments.


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Jhelum Biswas Bose
Jhelum Biswas Bose
Jhelum Biswas Bose is the founder of the flower-based eponymous beauty brand Jhelum Loves. She was the beauty editor of lifestyle magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Good Housekeeping and Women's Health.
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