Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue


Pink for girls and blue for boys
Kitchen sets for girls and cricket sets for boys
Boys fight and girls cry

Our kids are constantly exposed to these gender stereotypes--sometimes within the family and sometimes at school or in the playground. This gorgeous picture book is an attempt by a mother to initiate a conversation with kids about gender and identity, and offers to provide an insightful understanding of respectful relationships and equality. In simple language and with quirky artwork, this book offers young readers a wider outlook and a view beyond stereotypes while they are still trying to understand the world around them.


32 Pages | ISBN13 9780143442554
Ritu Vaishnav
Ritu Vaishnav
Ritu Vaishnav has taught kids, edited books for kids, owns a bookstore for kids, raises a kid and considers herself a kid--and a traveller. She pretends to be an adult, sometimes successfully but mostly sulkily. She was also a journalist once upon a time.
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