Sampoorn Vaastu Shastra

Sampoorn Vaastu Shastra


How should one build houses, offices, temples or any other building in line with the principles of vaastu? These are the main concerns addressed in this book. How and in which direction can a house be built to benefit one and how should offices and buildings be built for best results. These and many such questions are answered in this book.


152 Pages | ISBN13 9789353493417
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Rakesh Chawla
Rakesh Chawla
An alumni of Modern School and St.Stephens College, Delhi, Mr. Rakesh Chawla feels he was destined to be a Vaastu proponent as it was during his tenure with Philips India that he was introduced to Vaastu Shastra in 1988. Since the past 20+ years he has been refining and redefining the subject to make it easy to follow.
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