Song without End and Other Stories

Song without End and Other Stories


In 'Connectivity' a retired bureaucrat's telephone line is accidentally connected to that of a grieving man's, while a heart surgeon helps his patient across the great abyss in 'Song without End'. The fine grooming of a poet is described in 'A Lane in Lucknow', and a senile old nawab finds himself a stranger in an altered world in 'The Taste of Almonds'. In 'Through the Looking Glass' a man losing his sight finds he can get to the heart of all the books in his library by an inexplicable miracle, and in 'Play' the roles an actor enacts are a source of important life lessons.

Songs without End and Other Stories is a collection of fifteen captivating short stories by Neelum Saran Gour that amuse and absorb by their lively engagement with people, places and ideas in an unforgettable way. Funny, humane and culturally vibrant, these tales portray characters who are challenged by life and who arrive at their own individual truths.


296 Pages | ISBN13 9780143414544
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Neelum Saran Gaur
Neelum Saran Gaur
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