In 2011, the screenwriter, lyricist and journalist Neelesh Misra started mentoring a handpicked group of writers called the Mandali. These were men and women of all ages, backgrounds and dispositions. The Mandali soon started writing radio stories in Hindi, for Misra's show Yaadon Ka Idiotbox-short, pithy, bittersweet narratives that immediately struck a chord with listeners across the country.
Translated for the first time in English, this collection represents the Mandali at the height of its powers. These stories are blessed with a keen sense of place, attuned to the rhythms of both small-town India and rapidly expanding mega-cities like Delhi or Mumbai. Homesick yuppies reconnect with their hometowns, old lovers reconcile against all odds, and parents learn to get along with their grown-up children. A mother-in-law uses questionable tactics to bond with her distant daughter-in-law, a war widow learns to stand up to family, and a life-threatening mountain slope brings two strangers together.
These are fresh, untamed voices aided and abetted by a master storyteller.


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Neelesh  Misra
Neelesh Misra

Neelesh Misra is a lyricist, radio storyteller, journalist and writer. He is the founder and editor of Gaon Connection, India's biggest rural media platform, and the founder of Content Project, home to some of India's best emerging writers, collectively called the Mandali. His exceptionally popular shows on radio and digital platforms include Yaadon ka Idiot Box (Big FM), The Neelesh Misra Show (Red FM), Qisson ka Kona, Time Machine and Kahaani Express (Saavn App). Neelesh is also one of Bollywood's prominent lyricists, the author of five books and two-time winner of the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism. If you wish to join Neelesh Misra's Mandali, send an original story in any Indian language to To connect directly with Neelesh, download his spoken and video content app 'Mic' or follow these verified pages and handles:
Facebook: @TheNeeleshMisraPage
Twitter and Instagram: @neeleshmisra
YouTube: Neelesh Misra

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