Taaki Sanad Rahe

Taaki Sanad Rahe


This novel is based on a real story: dacoit Malkhan Singh's diary. Dacoit Malkhan Singh was a notorious dacoit of his times and used to keep a diary. When he was killed in a police encounter in ravines, the police recovered his diary, which this novel is based on. Needless to say, this novel makes for some very interesting reading.


160 Pages | ISBN13 9789353494940
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Ramkumar Bhramar
Ramkumar Bhramar
Ramkumar Bhramar was a famous author, script-writer and social worker. He has written several original novels. This novel grabbed the attention of many readers across the country, and in the course of writing Putlibai, he met with many a criminal to understand their lives and their minds.
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