Teach Yourself Hindi

Teach Yourself Hindi


The easiest way to learn Hindi (or any other language) is to hear it spoken. This book, designed by a successful Hindi teacher to foreigners, creates an 'audio' effect for quicker grasp and assimilation. Rules of grammar have been explained only where absolutely necessary. A direct conversational style, with the help of a minimal vocabulary, phrases and sentences, makes learning Hindi effortless and pleasurable. Correct pronunciation is a difficult exercise, especially for tongues not accustomed to Devanagari script. Diacritical marks have been provided to indicate different sounds and accents. By repeated practice with the help of the book one can acquire a working knowledge of spoken and written Hindi - and then, if one prefers, pursue advanced study.


200 Pages | ISBN13 9789353496364
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Mohini Rao
Mohini Rao
Mohini Rao is an English-language writer and editor. She has written several excellent books. The inspirational literature she has penned is widely celebrated. She also works as a philanthropist and has received many awards.
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