The Best of Tenali

The Best of Tenali

Tales of Wit and Adventure


Vijayanagara, ruled by the benevolent King Krishnadevaraya, is home to the wittiest court jester alive, Tenali Raman. Join the charming Tenali, shrewd Rajguru, silly Tingary and Tenali's pet cat Sundari on their many adventures that include chasing a flying machine that goes berserk, rewriting the Mahabharata and outwitting an evil puppeteer. Packed with stories of wit, wisdom and hilarious antics, this comic-book omnibus with ten rollicking Tenali tales is sure to take you on a journey that is the stuff of legends!


332 Pages | ISBN13 9780143450641
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Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd
Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd
TOONZ ANIMATION INDIA LTD is one of the biggest animation and production houses in India.
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