The Curious Case of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop

The Curious Case of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop


Making and selling sweets day after day is the life of Vishnudas Mithaiwala, the owner of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop. However, when Laddoo appears at his doorstep one night, claiming to be his estranged sister Revati's son, Vishnu's life is thrown into confusion. More craziness ensues when Anu turns up, also insisting that she's Revati's child! With no idea how to discern the real Mithaiwala, life is full of chaos for Vishnu, as the two children compete to prove their identity.
And Laddoo, worried about his parents, who have suddenly disappeared, is thrown another curveball-he senses a ghostly presence in the house! When a plot to steal the Mithaiwala family's valuable recipe book is hatched, Laddoo tries to use this new psychic ability to save the day.


176 Pages | ISBN13 9780143443285
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Nandini Nayar
Nandini Nayar

Although the postal code of Nandini Nayar's home address says she lives in Hyderabad, India, in actual fact, she inhabits various worlds. Every morning, she sets out to travel to these worlds, ready to make a note of strange noises, smells and sights. That's how she's managed to publish over forty books for children of all ages.

It was on one of these journeys that she caught a whiff of the orange jalebis from The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop. Further investigations introduced her to Vishnu, the reluctant sweet-maker, Laddoo, the boy who doesn't eat sweets, and Anu, the girl with a plan. But it was something grey and cloudy, something that looked suspiciously ghostly, that convinced her to write The Curious Case of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop. For more information on Nandini's journeys, go to

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