The Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students

The Ultimate Memory Handbook for Students


Ace your curriculum and assessments with these ultimate memory techniques
Retaining information can be hard, especially when you have so many things to focus on-your homework, the rigorous school syllabus and the ever-dreaded competitive exams. Today, students just have too much to learn!
This book will serve as a handbook for you to memorize information, topics and answers from your course of study. Using memory-enhancing practices and techniques along with tips, activities and practice sections, you can train your brain to retain a wide range of topics and subjects. From the periodic table to trigonometry, history dates to countries and their capitals, master it all with these practical techniques, supported by some quirky and fun artwork that serves as a great visual aid.


304 Pages | ISBN13 9780143442851
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Aditi Singhal
Aditi Singhal
Aditi Singhal is an international memory trainer, author, motivational speaker, counsellor and Vedic Math expert par excellence. She has to her credit the Guinness World Record for conducting the largest maths class and three national records for memory and fastest calculation awarded by the Limca Book of Records. She has also been given 'The Best Memory Trainer' award by the India Book of Records. Her dream to make calculations simple for all resulted in the bestselling book How to Become a Human Calculator?
Sudhir Singhal
Sudhir Singhal

Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal, founders of Dynamic Minds Group, are international memory trainers, mathematics educators, authors and motivational speakers. They have to their credit the Guinness World Record for teaching the largest maths class.
Aditi has also been given the Best Memory Trainer award by the India Book of Records and has been featured in The Limca Book of Records thrice for memory and fast calculation.
Together, Aditi and Sudhir have authored three bestselling books, How to Become a Human Calculator?, How to Memorize Anything and How to be a Mathemagican.

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