Twice upon a Time

Twice upon a Time


There is more than one way to be a girl

Keya is the real princess of a real kingdom, till she quits - and finds the least suitable replacement for the job! Can a brash, bubblegum-chewing girl fill some very fancy shoes? And what will happen when a real princess starts becoming a real person instead?

From award-winning author Payal Kapadia comes this wickedly funny and action-packed novel about some real and not-so-real princesses.


160 Pages | ISBN13 9780143333326
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Payal Kapadia
Payal Kapadia
Payal Kapadia lives in Mumbai and is the author of the award-winning debut novella Wisha Wozzariter, which won the 2013 Crossword Book Award for Children's writing, and the horridly entertaining boarding school series Horrid High.
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