Years ago, Torun Goswami and his charismatic, formidable wife Usha cast their Rukmini away from their home and their lives for marrying out of her community.

Now, Rukmini's daughter, Loya, twenty-five, solitary and sincere, arrives at Torun's old yellow house, set in the hillside overlooking the Brahmaputra. Loya has come to Assam to research the Elephas maximus, or the Asian Elephant, for her thesis. She has left behind at home in Bengaluru the lovely shy now-divorced Rukmini, and her cad of a boyfriend, Roy. Looking for something more meaningful than just a home while she waits for her research to begin, Loya sets down on a path of changing her nonexistent relationship with her grandfather, and in the process truly figuring out who she is.

Set in Guwahati, Undertow is an exploration of home and outside, the native and the outsider, and a coming-of-age tale.


256 Pages | ISBN13 9780670093731
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Barua, Jahnavi
Barua, Jahnavi
Jahnavi Barua is a writer based in Bengaluru. Her first book, Next Door, a collection of short fiction, was published by Penguin India in 2008 to wide critical acclaim. The second, a novel, Rebirth, was published in 2010 and shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize and the Commonwealth Book Prize. Undertow, published in 2020, is her third book. She was awarded the Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship for Creative Writing in 2006. Her books are on the syllabi of many universities and her short fiction has been widely anthologized.
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