Valmiki Ramayan

Valmiki Ramayan


Maharishi Valmiki penned the story of a figure that has come to be known as the very picture of humility, success, charm and morality-the one and only Lord Rama. His was a life that was not only lived morally but also while making the best of times when the means were limited. It was thus that he was dubbed as 'maryadapurushottam'. This is one of the closest and best translations of this story of his remarkable life.


160 Pages | ISBN13 9789353491024
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Vishwa Prakash Dikshit Batuk
Vishwa Prakash Dikshit Batuk
While the original author of this book is Maharishi Valmiki, Aacharya Vishwa Prakash Dixit 'Batuk' has translated the epic in easy and simple Hindi for the reader. Aacharya Vishwa Prakash Dixit 'Batuk' is an author and scholar of Sanskrit and Hindi.
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